About me

I’m a current student in the M.S in Computer Science program at Carnegie Mellon University. I got my bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Technology.

When I was an undergraduate, I participated in ACM-ICPC for three years and won several silver medals in regional contests, including the EC-Final round held in China.

I spent my last year in undergraduate doing internship in Microsoft Research Asia, Software Analytics Group. I took responsibility for BigIn4, which is an “instant, interactive insights identification” system on big data. I learned a lot about big data processing and Hadoop and Spark framework there and contributed a novel approximate query processing algorithm to the system. At the end of my internship, I was awarded the “Star of Tomorrow” title for excellent performance. We have submitted a paper of BigIN4 for SIGKDD 2018.

I am currently doing an internship in AI Labs at Didi Research. We have tried to apply reinforcement learning to order dispatching and pricing in Didi’s service. By adopting some ideas from reinforcement learning, it is possible to estimate a value function for different spots in the city to help determine the optimal order assignments. It is also possible to encourage an order that leads the driver to a “hot” place to be created by lowering its price. We are still working on this topic.

I wish I could become an excellent technical leader and build stable and intelligent systems in the future.

Apart from academics, I love anime very much and taught myself Japanese. I’m a LoveLiver and have been to Tokyo Dome to attend Final LoveLive! in 2016. I also like music games like Taiko no Tatsujin and Beatmania IIDX.

If you are interested you can read my resume here.